Korean VersionEdit



D.J Tanner (age 20): Executive

Stephanie Tanner (age 15): 

Rebecca Katsoplis/Yun Cha (age 41): Teacher

Jesse Yun Cha (age 46): Solo artist

Gail Yun Cha (age 10): Brother of Han, Joanna and Diane

Kim Jaikoshimeika (age 58): House Keeper

Waiter (age 34)

King Danny Yanchomi/Tanner (age 51): Boss of the home

Queen Pamela (age 45): Etiquette master

Prince Steve (age 23): Husband of D.J

Princess Michelle (age 10)

All of the characters speak in a British accent or just speak Korean.

Season 1 (2001-2002)Edit

Welcome the Royal Baby (May 2000)

Gail and Julianne (February 2001)

Year 5 Begins (March 2001)

Princess's Punishment (May 2001)

Christmas in The Fancy House (December 2001)

The King Dies (February 2002)

The Rich and the Poor (April 2002)

The Koreans Enter (May 2002)

Season 2 (2003)Edit

Holiday to Ireland (March 2003)

Love at First Sight (June 2004)

Goodbye, D.J! (September 2005)